Narayanpet Handloom Pure Cotton Khun Border Saree Green Pink

Shubhsarini Collections introduces Narayanpet Handloom cotton sarees with with wide Khun borders. These sarees are made of pure cotton and are suitable to be worn for all occasions during Summer. Narayanpet sarees are traditionally woven using the interlocked weft technique wherein you join 2 weft yarns securely by linking them together in a row. This way, the weavers can add different colours side by side in the same saree. Thus you will always find Narayanpet sarees in dual shades, like Purple-Pink, Blue-Violet, Maroon-Green etc. These sarees also look similar to the Ilkal/Khun sarees from the Karnataka region especially in the Pallu design. Narayanpet sarees typically has bands or stripes of contrast colour in the pallu similar to the silver tope design of Ilkal sarees.
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Fabric: 100 percent pure cotton. Warp thread is of count 2/40 while Weft thread is made of mercerised cotton.
Content: 1 Saree with 1 Blouse Piece.
Size: 5.50 Meter & 0.7 Meter Blouse Piece.
Design:This is a plain traditional Narayanpet handloom cotton saree from the same named town of Telangana. It is a typical Narayanpet saree with the traditional Pallu highlighted by contrast coloured stripes. The unique feature of this saree is the 6.5 inches tall top and bottom Khun borders of the saree in contrast colour.
Colour: Green saree with Pink Khun borders and brown stripes in the Pallu. The blouse piece is at the start of the saree and is a running piece similar in colour to the body of the saree.
Wash Care: Hand Wash in Normal Water.

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: The blouse for the saree will be a running blouse, similar to the saree colour and design and is to be cut from the start of the saree. The blouse worn by the model is from our stylist's collection.